Monday, October 4, 2010

4-5 September 2010

4 September 2010
      Morning went to training volleyball.. When I was playing the ball, got the germs.. The germs accidentally "go" in my nose... After training, went back home.. My disease came back le~running nose.. OMG!! Evening I had to go to facial treatment. How am I survive???
      Luckily, when facial treatment, nothing yu pei happen there. But almost wanted to yu pei liao lar.. But I was very lucky, nothing happen.. After facial treament, I thought my nose ok dy, no bad thing will happen.. But unfortunately....
      But unfortunately, when tuition, my disease coming again.. ==.. Duno why.. Asyik at tuition there running nose... Lol.. Haiz... But nvm, just a little bit only.. Not very bad that I thought...

5 September 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

1-3 September 2010

1 September 2010
      Nothing to do... Just 2pm go to skul.. But late liao... 3 mins like tat lol... And go to bilik pengawas that lelong de... I din go... cuz din buy mar... Then received a notice that last period all pengawas must go to new astaka to mesyuarat... Duno for what...
      Then last period le, meeting.. But nothing to say...

 2 September 2010
      Morning when 10:30am, help mum to do house work... Almost want 1 and the half hour to do finish, cuz wan to wash the floor... The floor very slippy, almost can make ppl fall down... So mum wan to clean it before anybody fall down...
      Evening, suddenly rain heavily, like cats and dogs.. I wan to go to play volleyball ler... Then 3:50pm like tat, stop rain le... But dunno wan to go or not.. Then discuss with my fren, if both of us dun wan to go, then left ht ly.. So I go... 
      Night, go to EC Mall to buy my napkin and so on... And met ct again... ==... Very weird, why always met him d??? I ask myself.. Damn stupid lar me... =="
      Nothing to say le... Gudbye and gudnight~~

3 September 2010
      Walao eh, very sien arh... At my aun't house for almost 5 hours... My brother lol.. Play play play.. Ish.. Waste my time.. I wan to study d... How hard am I to find mood to study, then he broken it... Spoil my plan... Ish... Wait I'm going to slap him... Hehehe...
      At night, go to eat dinner at Seri Pantai Jaya, met Yaw Wai Jhou and his family and relatives.. ==... All looked like very smart... ==""... Haiz... A little bit jealous... Hehe... But nvm, Rachel, work hard.. Someday u will be like them, so smart and clever... Hahaha...
      Ok, very late liao~~ Gudnite my dear frenz... see u at skul when Wednesday...         

Thursday, September 30, 2010

28-30 September 2010

28 September 2010
      It was boring that day, cuz nothing special mar.. Erm, that day I don't have tuition, so I did my homework at home and sms.. Nothing special... Just my mum forgot to buy a birthday cake for my brother... Cuz tomorrow is my brother's birthday.... Hehe... My mum said tomorrow only buy lar, just bought and paid and took the cake... That's all......

29 September 2010
      Yeah!!!! Today is my brother's birthday... Finally I can eat cake dy.. But unfortunately, it is a pandan cake, a pandan cake that buy from my mother from Gemini.. Haiz... No yeah dy.. Cuz 1 year i eat 2 pandan cake, that are when my father and my brother's birthday... OMG!!!!! But nvm, we must be tolak ansur with our family... So after tuition, I eat the cake lol... Quite delicious lar, not very teruk... Hehe... Ok lol... But if wan me to give coment about this cake, just boleh tahan only... Not very delicious and not very teruk lar.. 

30 September 2010
      Today I learn cook from my mother, that is nasi goreng... Just ok ok ly.. Not quite good like the 1st time d... Wah, first time d very delicious ler... But unluckily I din bring to go to skul to give my fren try the 1st time.. Haiz... But the 2nd time I thought very delicious than the 1st time d... But the faith.. is not delicious and more salty then the 1st time d, cuz my mother put a little too much of the kicap pekat, so.. u guess lar... Not very salty, some of my fren said ok, quite delicious, but got one of my fren said like tasteless one, then I said maybe put a little too much of that 'kicap pekat' le, and too slow to balance it liao, so got little bit of white rice comes out... Then tasteless lur... Maybe like that lar, I duno.. Maybe lar... 
       Haiz, very sleepy now.. Gudnight everyone... Bye.. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

25-27 September 2010

25 September
Felt very interesting, because when evening wanted go to play volleyball already. But after 5, bad luck is coming. Ct bully us, Sy and me. Then Jf defend us, and throw the ball to Ct lol, but Ct bu shuang le, then he beat Jf's head. You know d guy lol, so big size, and Jf so small size... You know what's going on d.. And Ct angry and argue with Zw. Argue with girl also can de wor that guy. You angry dai sai arh.. Beat and bully girls, duno this guy is gentleman or an idiot.. All the boys in volleyball team din purposely wanted to beat our girls.. Just not purposely "used" the balls and heat us. Only this guys came to disturb and purposely beat us.. No wonder many people bu shuang him.. But when Monday, 27 of September, he said sorry to Jf le.. Then ok lol, at least..

At night, walao eh... Super boring d.. Actually when at first ok d, because got candles, playground to play. But after 11 something, felt bored le, nothing to play.. And felt tired too... No wonder lol, cuz that day very early woke up... Haiz...

26 September
Feel quite ok today.. Jus busy doing homework lol and Tw busy revising.. OMG lol!! I didn't revise any books yet ler.. My frenz start dy lol... OMG....

27 September
Today, felt very boring and tired. Don't know why.. Got many homework, but still not yet do.. Today, My wanted to repot Jh to Sk. Then now My won le, and Jh told her that she is lucky.. Don't know who's right who's wrong...

Today, only one word can said.. Boring!!!!!!

The end..

Today, 18 September 2010

Today quite boring, because need to do folio again, haiz... And I haven't do finish homwork arh.. Still have chinese essay, and maths paper. But I think maths paper no need to do lar, because teacher don't concerned about me d.. Chinese "kaligrafi" book I lost dy, because I don't know where to put and lost it liao.. Don't know teacher will scold me or not, cuz I felt that teacher zhen dui me.. Haiz... :( So sad..

The "kaligrafi" book I will tell teacher that I lost it dy so I can't do.. Will teacher scold me because of my carelessness? Or teacher ask me to buy another book and do it all again? But now its almost end of the year dy.. I will waste much of time to do it.. Haiz.. :(

The end..

Friday, September 17, 2010


Hello, my dear friends.. My name is Rachel Cheong.. I am a girl.. I am 14 years old(2010).. I have eyes, ears, nose, mouth and so on. I am a normal person.. :)

I create this blog for myself.. I have another 2 blogs, which 1 is for the school, and one more is for me to relax and listen to the music.. This blog I created since primary school, but I duno how to use it until this year.. Haha.. You don't believe ler.. Because that time I saw my friends got a blog, and looked like very interesting too, so I create a blog for myself lol.. But I duno how to use this blog so I left it here until now.. 

Dear my friends, I will post my daily life since today.. I hope you all will enjoy it.. Thankyou..